The quest that starts a company, empowers women around the world, and saves our skin.

Frankie Hollywood is a California based company started by a mother (Christina) who just wanted a hat. Yes, a HAT!

The main purpose of this hat was to provide sun protection for her daughter, Frankie. Although Christina loved the radiant California sun, she knew it wasn't good for her sweet daughter's skin - every dermatologist said, "Wear a hat!"

Christina followed the doctors' orders and went to get a hat. She wanted a good quality hat that would protect her daughter's skin from the sun and look good too.

But alas, finding a hat was no small feat. This seemingly simple task turned into a great quest.

In this great quest for a hat, two types were found;
1) Sun hats - these hats functioned well, but were lacking in form. And they were made in China.
2) Fashion hats - these were so bad that you could see thin layers of felt glued together with bumps and ridges, to form what was supposed to be a thicker felt. And they were ALL made in China.

Where could one find a good quality, attractive child's hat?


Literally nowhere. They did not exist.

So Christina decided to start a company that would provide high quality hats that were both functional and fashionable.

Christina Googled and called and Googled and called some more.

Finally, when about to give up, she found another woman - a milliner, who made wonderful quality adult hats! She made them in New York City! This milliner helped design and create lovely children's hats, inspired by Hollywood movies.

These hats were all made in the USA. The accessories were all made in the USA. Each and every piece was made by a woman or a woman owned business. This was important to Christina, as her mission was to empower girls. This was the icing on the cake. And the cherry on top was the micro-loans for girls and women that would be funded with each hat purchased.

Frankie put on her hat, and it fit perfect. She was happy and protected from the sun. And her mother was happy creating hats for children while helping to fund women's dreams...